PES Panther Mascot

Preston Elementary School PAWS

Practice Responsibility
Act Respectfully
Work Hard
Stay Safe

PBIS is a system that the staff use to positively guide students’ actions. As students show good behavior, they will be able to earn positive rewards throughout the school year. This system is intended to encourage positive decision-making by the students. Students earn Panther PAWS, a positive recognition if they follow our PES Code of Conduct: “Practice Responsibility, Act Respectfully, Work Hard, and Stay Safe.” Weekly and monthly Panther Paw winners are chosen to win prizes to celebrate the students’ positive behavior. Additionally, at the end of each quarter, students without any office referrals or back table lunch seating will participate in larger, school-wide incentives. The quarterly incentives include exciting activities like movies and snacks, ice cream sundaes, and game days!

All students were involved in a Passport activity during the first month of school, which took them through all areas of the building and the PES PAWS expectations that we have at each area. Therefore, all students know what behavior is expected of them as they move throughout the building. Teachers and staff are continually reinforcing these expectations through reminders and discussions with students as needed.

Preston is proud to have earned a PBIS Gold status recognition through the State for the past few years, and we look forward to working with you to make it your child’s best year yet!