Feb 16 – 19 PES Parent Panther Newsletter


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Dear PES Families,

Hello! This week we have multiple important updates for you, as well as reposts of information that is still current. Please read the newsletter in its entirety, which can be found here:


We are so pleased, despite this winter weather, to have successfully brought in all of our grade levels! Our staff is so thrilled to see all of our students again, and we are looking forward to establishing, weather permitting, a solid daily routine with our students as the rest of this school year progresses. Please do not hesitate to call the school or reach out to me directly (angeloni.antonio@ccpsstaff.org) with any questions you may have about our reopening to in-person learning for all grade levels.

This weeks newsletter contains information on the following:

  • Message from Mr. Angeloni – UPDATED
  • PES Valentine’s Day Plans – REPOST and UPDATED
  • Summer School Opportunities for Students – NEW
  • CCPS/PES February Lunch Menu – REPOST
  • CCPS Teacher and Support Staff of the Year Nomination Form – REPOST
  • CCPS February Meal Service Changes – REPOST
  • Portrait of a Virtual Learner – English/Spanish – REPOST
  • February is CTE Month in CCPS! – REPOST
  • CCPS COVID Communication – REPOST
  • CCPS Note on COVID-19 Safety/Health Protocols – REPOST
  • Title I Information – REPOST
  • This week at PES – UPDATED

Please remember that tomorrow, Monday, 2/15, there is no school due to President’s Day.

Thank you.