Questionnaire 3rd Grade Opening Plans


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Dear PES 3rd Grade Families,
Based on current conditions, Caroline County Public Schools is planning to bring third-grade students back to school buildings on Thursday, November 12, 2020.
All students, whether in-person or virtual, would follow the current schedule which is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday every week. Wednesday would continue to be an asynchronous day at home.
CCPS needs to know how many students will be returning to the building and how many will require transportation. Please help us by filling out the questionnaire.
Please note:
Transportation will be provided. However, because of social distancing, transportation is a challenge. Please consider if you have options other than using CCPS transportation.
Face coverings are required for students ages five and up.
Protocols for preventing the spread of COVID-19 through cleaning, self-assessment, and social distancing are detailed in the CCPS Recovery Plan.
Virtual Learning will continue for students who remain at home.
Please complete a questionnaire for each student in third grade.
The questionnaire can be found here: