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With the beginning of Phase 3 of the CCPS Back to School Recovery Plan, PES schedules for all of our grade levels will be changing significantly.

As you know, on 10/5 and 10/8, we will be welcoming back grades Pre-Kindergarten 4, Kindergarten,1, and 2. We are very excited to have our littles back in our building, with our teachers. With this comes the need for significant changes in our schedules to make sure we are accommodating for all of our students, both virtual and in-person. We understand that these new schedules will take time to adjust to and that this year has brought many challenges to both our PES families, students, and staff. Our pledge is to continue to work with our community, families, and stakeholders on a daily basis to make your student’s experience at PES the best it can be each and every day.

This document below contains all of our schedules for grades Pre-K-4 to 5. Each grade now has a unique lunchtime, specials, and breaks built into their daily routines. This has become necessary due to the return to in-person learning for grades Pre-K 4 to 2. Most importantly we have different start and end times to our school day for our grade levels. These important times are as follows:

  • Grades 1,2,4, and 5 will start the school day at 9:00 AM and end the day at 2:30 PM

  • Grades Pre-K, Kindergarten, and 3 will start the school day at 10:15 AM and end the day at 3:45 PM

PES Learning Schedules – Grades Pre-K 4 to 5

Here are some important details our families need to know:

  • Transportation will be provided based on the data collected from our previous questionnaire. CCPS Transportation and the individual bus drivers will be reaching out to families with specific transportation information.

  • Students ages five (5) and over are required by the Maryland State Department of Education to wear a face covering. We encourage all PES students to wear masks if possible regardless of age.

  • At this time, all students are receiving free breakfast and lunch through the US Department of Agriculture, and meals will be provided to students in the classroom. You are free to pack your own lunch at your discretion.

  • Lunches will be 30 minutes for all grades and are at different times of the day for each grade. Please see your student’s grade level schedule for details.

  • PES cannot conduct recess at this time. However, elementary students will be given opportunities to go outside, be active, and take off face coverings as long as they are appropriately socially distanced. We are building in breaks to all schedules and also encouraging our teachers to have an additional outdoor break when possible. Please see your student’s grade level schedule for details.

  • Families are required to perform an at-home assessment of symptoms on their child before taking them to the bus stop or school. Information will be provided by the child’s school. All staff have been and will continue to be expected to perform the same at-home assessment of symptoms. We ask that any student with symptoms of an illness stay home.

  • If a person in the school has COVID-19 symptoms or has tested positive for COVID-19, he or she will be sent home to isolate. In addition, appropriate staff will perform internal contact tracing which may result in other students also being sent home to isolate/quarantine.  The CCPS COVID-19 Response Plan is available on the CCPS website, as is more detailed information in the FAQ section for this process.

  • CCPS devices should continue to be brought to school daily with chargers and teachers will continue to make use of them inside of the classroom for daily instruction in multiple ways.

  • If a student has to stay home for any reason or isolate/quarantine they can use their CCPS devices and log on virtually to learn and receive attendance credit.

  • Water fountains are closed at PES, please send your child with a pre-filled water bottle at your discretion.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call the school directly at 410-479-2897 or email PES administration directly.