Panther Family Update 9/21 – 9/25


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PES Panther Update 9/21 – 9/25

Dear PES Families,

First, please see the recent CCPS news post detailing our entry into Phase 3 of the Recovery Plan. It is most important to all of our Pre-K 4 to 2nd-grade families complete a questionnaire as the information is  vital that we get that data as fast as possible as we prepare for our transition to phase 3 of the CCPS Recovery Plan. Please note grades 3-5 are not affected by this, and will continue to learn virtually. This also does not affect our connectivity students who will continue to use our resources to learn virtually with their teachers.

In an effort to keep improving our delivery model we have prepared a few tips and tricks for our families to help their virtual learners.

Here are some reminders and tips for learning at home.

  • Organize your materials each day.
  • Choose a well-lit place, a spot with some natural light can be helpful.
  • Reduce any distracting noise.
  • Think about your background, think about what’s going to be behind you on video during zoom.
  • Make a plan for breaks that includes getting away from your work area and getting in some movement and fresh air.
  • Reach out to teachers, counselors, or PES administrators if you need help.
  • Ask questions when you don’t understand.
  • Patience is key – we will all work through this together:)

I want to continue to thank all of our parents, families, and caregivers for all of their support during this time. The support we have gotten in emails, calls, and other methods is not only heartwarming, but it reaffirms how wonderful of a community we have here in Preston! Please reach out to us directly with any questions you may have. The survey is below, with links after this message.


Antonio J. Angeloni

Principal – @AJAngeloniCCPS